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Mr. Rudresha D C
M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil.,(Ph.D)

A cordial welcome to the world of Books, Knowledge and Intellectual Treasure. 21st Century is termed a Knowledge Era where Education and Knowledge are going to dominate the World at all levels. We, at Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management committed to support this concept and provide all our facilities to the future professionals. There is a saying, "Show me your books, I will tell what you are!!” In the same way, "Show me your Library, I will tell you about your Institution ". We try to follow the high standards in keeping our Library with best quality facilities, full of Books of repute and provide the E learning also through e books and E-journals.

Knowledge lays a strong foundation for any civilization which is evident in our early scriptures of Indian Civilization including Roman and Greek's civilizations where educated and learned people were referred to as ' Nobles '. Such is the dignity of Education and Knowledge. At Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and management we follow the same tradition of Academic excellence through Higher learning. As Librarians, we dedicate our profession to maintain these quality developments. We reassure the student community who are going to be the pillars of our Nation, that we provide the best facilities in our Library on par with global standards. Our Library is one of the brightest part of our Institution, providing a healthy academic environment which is pre-requisite to any successful Educational Institution. With this brief prologue, I sincerely reiterate to our students our strong commitment in their welfare.