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Open access Databases


Sl No. Database Name Description URL Links
1. AGRIS Index to international agricultural literature
. Includes articles,
technical reports, proceedings, theses, and documents primarily
from, or related to, the developing world. 1975- Present.
2. AGRICOLA agriculture & life sciences-related research http://agricola.nal.usda.gov/cgibin/Pwebrecon.cgiDB=local&PAGE=bbSearch&STARTDB=AGRIDB
3. BioMedCentral Offers online publishing of research articles in all areas
of biomedical research with full peer review and<>br barrier-free access for all. All original articles are published in one of
the BioMed Central journals as well as being posted without
delay on PubMed Central and indexed in PubMed.
4. ChemicalCarcinogenesis Research Information System (carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, tumor promotion and inhibitiondata for over 8,000 chemicals http://chem.sis.nlm.nih.gov/chemidplus/
5. ChemIDplus chemical dictionary searchable by name, formula, registrynumber, and structure http://chem.sis.nlm.nih.gov/chemi dplus/
6. Crystallography OpenDatabase All data on this site have been placed in the public domain by the contributors http://www.crystallography.net/
7. DOE Information Bridge Full text of over 27,000 U.S. Department of Energy research and development reports http://www.osti.gov/bridge/