Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)

Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)

Year Of Establishment : 2022

Intake : 60

Head Of the department : Dr. K A SUMITHRA DEVI Dean Academics

Brief Details about Data Science:

  • Data Science is the extraction of actionable Information from raw data
  • Dara science is the practice practice of designing and building systems for collecting, Storing and analyzing data at scale.
  • Data engineering is a Whital aspect of company growth, Network interactions and predicting future trends.
  • Data Science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills and knowledge of mathematics and statics to exact meaningful insights from data.

Department Vision:

To create an academic environment which trains the students as next generation data scientist solving grand challenges innovating through global research opportunities.

Department Mission

  • To ensure the responsible use of data to benefit society.
  • To ensure broader community in the translation of data into information to support and improve decision making.
  • To develop skilled professionals in data science field.
  • To establish industry conducive environment with State-of-Art data driven infrastructure
  • To facilitate high quality data science education, industry collaboration with research orientation.
  • To maximize the power of data benefiting the social needs through science and engineering.


  • Graduates shall have robust knowledge of data handling, analytics platform.
  • Graduates will be skilled professionals with global competence.
  • Graduates shall have successful carrier as data science engineers with leadership and management skills.


  • Produce quality data science professionals with robust development knowledge
  • Develop global competency student quality to meet data science changes.