KCET Code:E212
ComedK Code:E039
COA Code:KA22
PGCET Code - MBA: B156
PGCET Code - MCA: C503
Admissions Helpine:  080 48642261 / 62

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

About theDepartment

Intake : 60
The department provides its graduates with the theoretical and practical competences in the field of electrical engineering, by means of developing the technical and informatics skills. Its mission consists in training students in acquiring high skills and competences in the field of electrical engineering and other related fields, as well as in conducting theoretical and applied research at the highest level.


To impart quality education and to develop a supportive and collaborative learning environment to meet the challenges by innovation and integration, consequently reflecting effective progress of our students in making a real difference in their profession and society.


  • M1: To provide a student-centric learning environment that facilitates the students to pursue their higher education.
  • M2: To motivate the students to work professionally in several fields through pedagogy teaching and learning process.
  • M3: To help students in developing their overall professional competence and social awareness by providing value-based and behavioral training programs.
  • M4: To impart a supportive ecosystem to cultivate the innovation, research, and entrepreneurial culture in the faculty and students.

PSO 1: Mathematical Informatics Section: To clarify the process of intelligent activities based on rational reasoning by human beings and to create new methods of problem-solving by implementation with computers.

PSO 2: Architecture Section: To establish the techniques for designing hardware and software systems necessary for the development of the next-generation of intelligent information processing systems.

PSO 3: Application Section: To apply the developed techniques to address challenging problems in various real-life applications from biomedical signal and image analysis, systems biology, climate to social and communication networks.

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