Vision of the Department

The department of physics of DSATM has a vision of imbibing the basic knowledge of Physics in the minds of students. Basic science is the route of all engineering subjects without which understanding of engineering subjects is not possible.

Physics department is striving hard to teach fundamental aspects of Physics so that the future of the students becomes brighter

Mission of the Department

The sole mission of department of Physics of DSATM is to bring DSATM to the foremost in the country. Faculty of Department of Physics is working in this direction.

HOD Message

I am indeed very happy to be a part of DSI and in particular the HOD of the Department of Physics of Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management.

We are working within the frame work of VTU to which this institution in affiliated. In my opinion, Physics lays the foundation for all engineering subjects and it is therefore very important to learn the basic concepts of the subject without which it will be very difficult to comprehend any engineering topic.

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Course Offered

Courses Offered:

UG Program: Supporting department for Engineering

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Highlights Of The Department

Faculty centric
  • Special soft skills training in coordination with Centre for Innovation in Learning.
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Invited Talks



Programme Outcomes