Department Publications - Bachelor of Architecture

Faculties of SOA, DSATM presented their papers in National Conference on ‘Recent Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture for Sustainable Development’ - FEB’2016 at DSCE, Bangalore.

1. Awarded as Best Paper Title-'An Endurance through Nature's Conflicts', by Prof. Shruti, Karen, Aishwarya, Lavanya. Read More 

2. Awarded as Best Paper Title-'EcoFriendly By Design - The Responsibility of an Architect', by Prof. Likhita, Prof. Anusha, Annabelle Ernest & Sai Dileep Kumar. Read More 

3. Paper on Title-'Architecture and Climate change', by Prof. Harshalatha, Roshini & Priyadarshini. Read More 

4. Paper on Title-'Building Construction Methodology to Reduce Global Warming', by Prof. Vidhya, Humaira & Shafeeka. Read More 

5. Paper on Title-'How Sustainable are our cities', by Prof.Sona Alex, Prof. Radha & Prof. Rohini. Read More 

6. Awarded as Second Best Paper on Tiltle – ‘Alternate Low Cost Building Material’, by Prof.Vidya & Prof. Radha. Read More 

7. Paper on Tiltle – ‘Alternate Low Cost Building Materials for Low cost construction’, by Prof. Shruti & Prof. Harshalatha. Read More

8. Paper on Tiltle – ‘Rehabilitation of Heritage Buildings’, by Prof. Sona Alex & Karen. Read More

9. Paper on Tiltle – ‘Smart Infrastructure for Smart Cities’, by Prof. Likhita & Prof. Anusha. Read More