Director of the Department

Director Message

I feel proud to be leading a team of intellectuals always striving to strengthen the school of architecture year by year. They are the faculty who are skillful and resourceful in various domains to take up challenges and deliver creative qualitative knowledge base.

At School of Architecture, DSATM our focus is on the students. The responsibility as faculty is to adopt an approach that builds up confidence, make them creative, innovative, and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. Students of today are the future Architects and Planners who need to take up challenges and survive in a competitive and technologically advanced environment.

As Architects they need to work on the needs of end user looking into various issues like energy efficient environments, recycling of resources, water management, reducing carbon footprint, optimizing spatial requirements and sustainability.

Today we need to aim not just at ‘ART BASED ARCHITECTURE’ but more of ‘HUMAN BASED ARCHITECTURE’. Architecture should be more sensible and that can reach millions.

Dr. Gaddam D Ramesh
Director, School of Architecture.